Monday, February 27, 2012

Excerpts from the March Newsletter

Quilting in the Fourteeners By Fran Switzer

A big "Thank You" to all the members who have already returned the two forms they received in January or February. I'm happy to say that 56% of the membership has responded. It's not too late! PLEASE fill out and return your forms as soon as possi-ble . . . even if you say "I'm not entering anything" and/or "I'm not volunteering." At least we'll know! A special note to our machine embroiderers . . . we have very few who have proposed entering a piece in the Machine Embroidered category. We espe-cially need to hear from you. Boutique This year we're planning to set up the Boutique in departments. Here are the catego-ries and only a few ideas . . . we know you can come up with more! Home - quilts, wall hangings, quilted bowls, placemats, kitchen towels, table runners

 Sewing Room - pin cushions, books & magazines*, fat quarters, fabric yardage, patterns, buttons

 Wearables - hats, jackets, totes, aprons, mittens, purses

 Baby/Juvenile - booties, fabric books, baby quilts, burp cloths, diaper bags, stuffed toys

 Special Occasions - cards, Christmas ornaments, any holiday wall hangings, quilts & table runners

 We'd like to have newer magazines only, beginning with January 2007 through current issues. Please, NO oldies!

We're hoping that every member donates an item for the Boutique. Mary Grannell will determine the price for these items and Monarch Quilters will retain 100% of the sale price. We're also hoping that you'll all have items you'd like sell in the Boutique. You set the price and Monarch Quilters will retain 15% of the sale price. Please get your donated items to Mary Grannell as soon as they're ready. We don't want her totally inundated in June!

And let's not forget COOKIES! For those of you who will be baking . . . we want cook-ies . . . not bars, not pie, not cake, not brownies . . . cookies! Please put them in zip lock plastic bags, six per bag. You may label them, if you like. Please label them if they contain nuts. We don't want anyone inadvertently eating something they shouldn't. Fran Switzer will be teaching a table runner class after the April MQ meeting in Buena Vista. The class is FREE as long as you agree to donate the table runner to the Bou-tique. Once you sign up with Laurie Gillingham, you'll receive your Supply List and first cutting instructions. What a deal! Lots to plan. Lots to do. Thank You to those who have already stepped up! Your Show Committee: Martha Beishuizen, Beth Dwyer, Mary Grannell, Gail Kahler, Barbara Leesley, Karen Masden, Rosanne Pearson, Laurie Ferber (President) and Fran Switzer (Committee Chair)


Well, our February meeting started with a snowy, icy mess, but what a meeting it was! Show and tell was fabulous as usual, and Joanie Barbier was really inspiring with her trunk show describing her personal art journey. The batiks were amazing and my favorite was her diaries of trips with the watercolor books. We have amazing talent in our group. The overflowing work-shop later was fun for all, very informative and a good time. I am excited for show and tell this month to see how the ladies did with their mountain scenes and what they used them for.

Thank you Elizabeth for securing our programs and workshops for this year. We are making a slight change in April's workshop. Jan mentioned we have an overabundance of cards so we will not be making more cards for sunshine. Instead, Fran will do her table runner workshop in April instead of May giving ladies an extra month to get it done to be donated to the bou-tique. Thank you Kathy C. for your understanding in this matter and making the adjustment.

The quilt show planning is in full swing. Thank you Fran and her committee for your dedication to making a great show. It was encouraging to hear of all the ladies who returned their surveys and volunteered in the many areas.

Finally, the meeting got a little long (sorry) due to the executive committee seeking some input into decisions we are to stay at the Vineyard , should we limit workshop size or should we advertise our group on a website, Facebook or blog. (see elsewhere in the newsletter for a summary of that presentation.) We will try to keep these subjects short, but we are seeking input with the final decision being made by the committee. Your ideas are important to us so see that we in the executive committee get them.

Laurie Ferber

Workshop Supplies
Class members will bring:

scissors, small

book of stitches if you would like to use it in class. Not a requirement

Gwen will provide:
crazy quilt block

embellishments--beads, buttons, etc.



Gwen will begin class with a demonstration of foundation piecing of blocks. She will teach the traditional feather stitch used in crazy quilting, and will give help and demonstrate other stitches on request.

Have an embroidery stitch that is giving you trouble? Can't figure a stitch out from those pesky, confusing pictures in the book? Bring the book and let Gwen show you how to do it right.

February Show and Tell

Click on the link below for February Show and Tell photos

Friday, January 6, 2012

What's new today

Happy New Year!!! A new website is brewing. Check us out, members, and let us know what you want to see on this site.